Amy Coleclough

Agent's Assistant

Amy started working in the theatre when she was 13. She has worked as a technician at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with the Pleasance Theatre three times, in 2018, 2019, and 2022.

She studied Classical Studies at Bristol University and graduated in 2021. Whilst at university, she also got into film-making. She was elected Vice-President and the President of the film-making society and was in the middle of producing four films when COVID shut everything down in spring of 2020.

Amy joined Blue Book in the beginning of April 2023. After spending most of her career on the technical side of theatre, she is very excited about moving on into the agency world.

She loves many things and loathes many others. Her loves include red wine, pasta, ancient antiquity, her dogs, old Hollywood films, and window shopping. Her loathes include onions, random changes in temperature, and losing things.