When No One’s Watching LIVE with Joel Dommett

On sale today!

Podcast Stop – a brand new Podcast Festival for London – will see some of the UK’s most listened to podcasts take the stage. Join Matt Willis and Matt Richardson for When No One’s Watching’s first live outing!

Each week on the podcast the Matts invite celebrity guests to ‘confess’ what they get up to when no one’s watching and then the Matts, as guilty pleasures themselves (one is Heat Magazine’s Weird Crush of the Year 2014 and the other is, well… in Busted), decide whether they should be forgiven or just feel really, really bad about themselves. Because if these two are judging you, you know you should have kept it to yourself. 

Matt squared will be inviting a celebrity guest to join them live on stage to air their dirty laundry… so make sure you’re there to judge them.