Small Doses by Helen Bauer, available on BBC Wed 30 March

We are delighted to announce that Small Doses, created by, written by and starring Helen Bauer will be available on BBC iPlayer / BBC Three this Wednesday 30th March from 6am.

Kate (Helen Bauer) is returning from Germany, having overstayed her welcome as a family au-pair by a number of years. Returning to the very boring, non-descript town she grew up in. But although she’s flat broke, and her prospects hinge upon her C grade GCSE in German, Kate will be returning with optimism, confidence and a total lack of self- awareness, bursting into the lives of her family and friends like an unwelcome gate-crasher.

The show is being produced by Objective Fiction and directed by Rosco 5. It also stars Julia Deakin as Julie, Kate’s mother.