Bauer Media Podcast for Anna Clifford Launches TODAY!

Chancers: A GoLoud Original Podcast

GoLoud is delighted to announce the launch of Chancers – the podcast for people who feel that they’re chancing their arm at life, when everyone around them has it all figured out. If you’re the person sending Wagatha Christy memes to your Whatsapp group and getting baby pictures in return – then pay attention. They’re on all the apps (one of them has been on all of the dating shows) but Paddy Smyth and Anna Clifford are single, thirty-something, and wondering if life and security has somehow passed them by. Are they putting the “sting” in “coasting” or should they give themselves a break? In this series they ask insightful, funny and often important questions about how they ended up here (together):

  • Did Disney ruin my dating life?
  • Can I manifest a mortgage?
  • Are we alcoholing right?

Each week the pair share their reflections on the topic in hand and then they bring in an expert to advise them (and their listeners) on how to adult better. Think of it as self-help for people who can’t, or won’t, help themselves. Afterall, they’re happy being Chancers but they don’t want to miss their chance.